Monday, May 18, 2009

Japanese Inspired Paper Lamps

These beautifully patterned cut paper lamps from Brooklyn–based Levent & Romme shown at this year’s BKLYN Designs really caught my eye. Imagined first as pen and ink illustrations, the designers then cut the patterns into a single sheet of thick watercolor paper. Watercolor paper is softly textured and just opaque enough to make the designs pop, and the heavy weight paper lends itself perfectly to the shades’ delicate cuts. The shade fits together using a tabbed design so that it forms a tube without any fasteners or adhesives, increasing the lamps' sustainability. Available in four patterns, the fixture uses a compact fluorescent lamp for illumination.

Designers Anne Romme & Fiyel Levent have been working together for the past two years on furniture, installations, and interior designs. They add a twist to their designs by focusing on technology in their fabrication methods, while basing them around traditional materials and craftsmanship. The patterns used for the floor lamps were inspired by the work of Japanese American artist Ruth Asawa, and other Japanese designs- such as Isama Noguchi’s paper lights.


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