Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ensure Healthy Indoor Air with Airpod

After sealing and insulating your house to create a more energy efficient home, you also need to be sure you are creating and maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Enter the Airpod, which packs a high quality HEPA air filter into a compact, modern package. Perfect for bedrooms, office, or nursery, this affordable air purifier will have you and your loved ones breathing easy.

Quite often, poor indoor air quality is responsible for prolonged illness, difficulty sleeping, and respiratory discomfort, although it is often overlooked as the cause of these symptoms. With a high efficiency silent HEPA-Air filter, such as the delightfully designed Airpod by Blueair, you can filter out at least 99.97% of impure airborne particles in your indoor environment, which will in turn improve your family’s health.

Compared to air filters with comparable performance rates, the Airpod uses approximately 60% less material in its design and manufacturing. The Airpod costs less to run than a single light bulb, and it does not generate ozone byproducts like Sharper Image’s Ionic Breeze.

Air filtration units used for large areas of space (approx. 200 sq ft-600 sq ft) range anywhere from $150 to $800, which means it can be quite costly to purchase such units for every room in your home. The Airpod allows for good air quality in your smaller personal spaces: it covers up to 50 square feet and costs just $99.95 at most retailers.

The sleek design and easy mobility allows the Airpod to go work with you, so that you can filter out those unwanted particles floating in your office air. The Airpod is perfect for your child’s playroom/area as well. The easily movable unit can dock next to your baby’s crib while he’s sleeping, and then transfer to wherever you go to nurse, cuddle or play with your baby.

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