Friday, November 9, 2007

Super Innovative Solar Technology

I am investigating solar with a client of mine for their new home. There has been a recent change in many HOA's rules and approaches to allowing solar in their communities - which is great. Energy has become such a hot issue, that HOA's and the courts have realized that they can't restrict or refuse to allow people to use solar power. Still, many people don't like the unsightly, huge solar panels which you typically think of for gathering and storing the energy. Plus, solar is often very expensive if you intend to make a meaningful effort at reducing your energy consumption.

GREAT NEWS! There is a new company in Silicon Valley who have revolutionized the way solar collectors are manufactured and installed. They are combining two of the hottest trends in technology today - solar with nanotechnology to make a super thin, super economical solar collector. The company is called, very simply, Nanosolar. They have been getting a lot of attention from the media and expect to be very busy this next year producing at full capacity of their new plant.
The new generation of solar collectors is thin and flexible, allowing for innovative applications.