Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eco-luxury Resort in Napa Valley

The newest Napa Valley luxury hotel is an eco-resort- the Bardessono- and it looks to be a nicely sustainable gem. When designing the inn and spa they took care not to disrupt the area’s natural habitat while including a host of green building strategies including rammed earth walls, grey and black water treatment systems, and solar and geothermal energy. Completed just a few weeks ago by eco-developer Phil Sherburne and architect Ron Mitchell, the project is currently pursuing LEED platinum certification.

Building a luxurious restaurant, spa, and hotel in the middle of Napa Valley’s Yountville was a challenging project for Phil Sherburne and architect Ron Mitchell. They needed —and wanted— to be sustainable while also building a relationship with the community.

The architect and developer used recycled cypress wood to build all of the doors, desks, floors and ceilings. They also focused on the interior, targeting elements that would ensure the property’s natural feel. The environmentally rich 62-room hotel stands proudly, with the support of the neighborhood, right on the Bardessono family’s six-acre farmstead in Napa Valley.

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