Monday, May 25, 2009

Fantastic Lighting from Leftover Cardboard

I don't often feel that fixtures or furniture made from recycled or repurposed materials are really all that attractive (frankly I usually think they're cheesy and junky). This is one of those exceptions. Made from stacked rings of corrugated cardboard, Graypants' pendant Scrap Lights are a wonderful example of the power of good design. The ceiling lamps' elegant construction recycles leftover scraps of cardboard to create a semi-translucent shade that gives off a muted, soft glow. The overall effect is elegant, understated and as far from trash as you could possibly get.
The founders of Graypants, Jonathan Junker and Seth Grizzle, have been collaborating in design for eight years. Based in Seattle, Junker and Grizzle have produced everything from chairs and tables to buildings–all made from discarded and repurposed materials like newspaper, cardboard, and plywood.
Their Scrap Lights are an expertly blend contemporary design with a practical approach to materials and waste. Wouldn't these lamps make an fantastic focal point hanging from the ceiling in a dining room, kitchen or bar? They prove that good design can be both stunning and sustainable.

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