Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beautiful Plaster Finishes in Natural Clay

We just finished a small remodel at our office, and used a terrific product in one of our conference rooms- American Clay Plaster. It is all natural, coming straight out of the earth, and has absolutely no nasty odor- even during application! It is hand troweled on and can be finished in a variety of techniques that range from very rustic to more polished and smooth, similar to Venetian Plaster. Painted Earth Finishes did the installation for us, and were fantastic to work with.
Manufactured in and using materials from the United States, American Clay uses natural clays, recycled and reclaimed aggregates, and vibrant natural pigments in each of three beautiful finishes: LOMA, PORCELINA, and MARITTIMO.

Earth Plasters are non-dusting, mold and fade resistant, repairable and moisture controlling. For projects in Scottsdale, they would also qualify for LEED MR 5.2 regional material credits. American Clay may contribute up to 7 LEED credits (8 if you include the recycling area as all of American Clay’s packaging is recyclable), and 5 in most areas.

American Clay is available in a wide range of standard colors, and custom colors are also an option, making it the perfect choice for any space.

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