Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to Enjoy a White Sofa- Even if You Have Kids

Have you ever lusted after a pure white sofa, but had to deny yourself because it just wasn't practical? White looks so crisp and beautiful in the showroom or on the magazine page, but you KNOW it will be a grimy, icky nightmare after only days in your own home. Well, finally you can have that sophisticated look, and not worry about red wine or even mustard.

The latest advances in technology are focusing on nanotechnology - the science of super tiny things- and now it is being applied to fabrics. NanoTex, the company responsible for bringing this to the consumer is using the technology to create spill and stain-releasing fabrics for home and apparel. One of my favorite home textile companies, Calvin Fabrics, is using NanoTex on their line of natural and neutral textures.

With NanoTex applied, liquids bead up and can be blotted easily away. The real beauty of the technology, however, lies in the fact that the feel (hand) of the fabric is not changed, nor is the color or appearance. Because the molecules that create the stain repellent are so tiny, they bind directly with the fibers of the fabric, rather than coating them. This also makes the stain releasing capability even more effective - stains can't even get to the fibers.

While still using a chemical to achieve the results, NanoTex is more eco-friendly because the nanotechnology allows a minuscule amount of chemical to give better results than other formulas which contain harmful VOC's.

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