Monday, March 16, 2009

World's fastest hybrid car?

If you like very cool looking sports cars that really deliver in speed, like I do, but you don't want to pay the price of pathetic gas mileage, like I do - then you'll love this.

Italdesign, a renowned sportscar designer, unveiled the Namir at the 79th Geneva Motor Show, a vehicle that they claim will be the fastest hybrid car in the world. Boasting a scorching top speed of 187mph with 370hp, and able to travel over 1,200 miles without a refill or a charge, this just might be the answer to your speed racing fuel-efficient dreams.

The Namir hybrid concept was designed with the help of Frazer-Nash. Pictures of the concept car have been leaking out for weeks now.

The press release reveals that the Namir hybrid will have a lithium ion battery pack, with overall power of 270 kW, equivalent to 370 hp. They claim the car will get a fuel efficiency of about 92 miles to the gallon. And with the car’s 50 liter gas tank, the car can travel up to 2,000 km without a refill or a charge.

The top speed of the Namir is 187 mph. Compare that to the last year’s hot hybrid sports car, the Fisker Karma, whose top speed is only 125 mph, or the Tesla Roadster (my personal favorite) whose top speed is also electronically limited to 125 mph. Looks like the Karma and the Tesla will be crawling along in comparison.

No word on cost of the vehicle, or if it will be available in the US, but by the looks and sound of the concept, this is certainly set to be the new hot car.

I love the innovative windshield design and the tough look of the exterior of this car.

My only question is how do you see out the rear window?

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