Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why is Mesquite a Sustainable Choice?

Mesquite is a sustainable wood because it is actually a bush, not a tree. Attempts to cut, shred, remove and even burn does not kill mesquite root systems and results in mesquite growing back stronger and thicker. Farmers and ranchers have tried to eradicate mesquite for hundreds of years resulting in them growing back stronger and expanding their area of growth as animals and cattle eat the seed pods and distribute the seeds. Based on current usage of mesquite and eradication efforts the supply in Texas alone can last for thousands of years without need to plant additional mesquite.

The beautiful reddish-brown wood is also extremely durable and the hardness is better than oak, maple or mahogany. It is more tolerant of moisture than many woods, which makes its use in areas like kitchens a possibility. One disadvantage is that large and longer board lengths are difficult to find and substantially raise the costs. However, shorter planks or end-grain blocks can be quite unique and attractive.
This mountain vacation home in Colorado features a mesquite countertop and cabinets in the bar.

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