Friday, September 14, 2007

Green Mansions - a growing trend?

It seems there is good news out there for the luxury custom home designers who are also environmentally conscious. There is a growing trend among buyers of new luxury homes to include sustainable features into the homes they are building.

I just read an article on about the emergence of luxury homes utilizing sustainable design and building practices.

The article highlights many of the beautiful ways green can be built into a home, without sacrificing any of the details, quality or style traditionally put into custom homes. We regularly use reclaimed wood, recycled glass tiles, low-energy appliances and low-water plumbing fixtures, etc. In the Valley of the Sun (as Phoenix is known), solar is a no-brainer that we haven't fully taken advantage of yet - but it is growing. Using "gray water" (recycling dirty water from showers/sinks to flush toilets and water landscaping) is also a great practice we should be doing more of here in the desert.

Our firm bases our practice on making wealthy homeowners aware of the options and opportunities to incorporate eco-friendly materials into their new homes. It is one way of reducing the impact we have on the environment, while providing our clients with the luxury and amenities they want in their homes.

Read the entire article here -
Live the good life in a green mansion
As demand grows, multi-million mansions that are both indulgent and eco-friendly emerge.

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