Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Eco-Friendly and Tres Fashionable Modular Clothing

In the world of eco-friendly fashion, there is DePLOY; a sustainably and DIY-focused fashion line. We love their DIY approach to sustainable style- they have a core collection that is infinitely customizable with secondary elements and continually cool as the seasons change.
Founded by Bernice Pan, an MA graduate and PhD holder from London’s Royal College of Art, DePLOY offers a more ethical approach to reinventing one’s wardrobe. Their collection of customizable clothing is a radically new concept, and offers endless options to the consumer. For instance, you can interchange bodice and sleeve styles to let a tank top become a dress, or turn a suit jacket into a trendy bolero.
An additonal benefit of their sytem is that you can adapt your existing wardrobe rather than buying all new pieces every season - a great boon to ever increasingly conscious buyers. They are sourcing their fabrics from certified sustainable suppliers and they are also working on making the supply chain more efficient.

This approach takes a different sustainable strategy than just material greenness, promoting the idea of cutting back on consumption and adding to or subtracting bits from old garments, to make them multipurpose and fresh, depending on the context or occasion.
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