Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Solar-powered Outdoor Lighting

Combining the best of two eco-friendly energy solutions, these landscape lights by CL Sterling use solar power to illuminate the LED fixture. But they go even one step better- whereas LED lighting typically produces a cold blue-ish/white light, the Solar Garden Candle outdoor glass light fixture uses an amber-toned LED bulb that emits the warm glow of a flame.

The glass shade is handcrafted for CL Sterling & Son in a Portuguese town called Marinha Grande, which has a history of glassmaking that dates back 300 years. The craftspeople pour a slurry of molten glass into individual molds to simulate a wax candle. The light’s energy source, embedded solar cells, is concealed in the solid brass stand, shown in an oil-rubbed bronze finish. The style is very low-tech, but is quite the opposite with a hidden timer that is set according to geographic location. The LED bulbs will last for three to five years.

Because the solar-powered energy source does not require an external electricity supply, there is no wiring involved, which makes installation easy and allows the fixture to be easily moved around an outdoor landscape.

CL Sterling & Son, 860.739.2720, http://www.clsterling.com/

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