Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recycled auto glass countertops

We recently re-modeled our studio, including the bathrooms, and one of the most unique products we used was this countertop made from 100% recycled auto glass, and manufactured locally by High Road Custom. The product, called Re-Glass, is available in many colors, hues and finishes. Ours is Turtle Multi-Hue in the Natural finish.

Re-Glass was born from the simple concept of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Each one-of-a-kind, hand-made glass product is made of 100% recycled glass, created with nearly zero waste product and containing zero VOC. To further it’s sustainability; each and every product is 100% recyclable.

While Re-Glass products are designed for a lifetime of use, the counter tops, surfaces, furnishings and even sculptural elements are 100% recyclable and can be reclaimed and used in new recycled glass products at anytime in the future making for a zero landfill product. This is known as ‘cradle-to-cradle’, salvaged and reused materials that can be used again and again staying out of the landfill permanently.

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