Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vintage and Repurposed Furniture

Restoration Hardware has gone back to their roots and introduced a limited edition line of furniture pieces that use antique and vintage elements to create unique combinations of eco-friendly style and function.

Included in the collection is a coffee table created from a repurposed antique factory cart- an early American 1900s industrial original once used to transport furniture, fabric and supplies across the factory floor. Each cart has been restored by a Northern California craftsman. Tops have been cleaned and oiled but still bear the marks of its history and may have nicks and imperfections and the carts still have their original cast iron wheels, bolts and plates. Each cart is a vintage original and no two are exactly alike; variations in distressing, cracks, finish and wheel construction are to be expected and add to the charm and character.

A more simple, clean-lined and very usable piece is the Brick maker's Pallet Table. A limited number of one-of-a-kind brick maker's tables found with the help of European antiques dealers. Originally a pallet used to cut, cool and transport bricks 100 years ago in a Belgian brick works, the table top's bolted planks are rugged Northern European azobe wood. The rough-hewn pallet top has been cleaned, yet bears the nicks of time, the patina of use and is true to its masonry origins. The base is hand-welded steel with a distressed finish.

While not technically an antique, the Steamer Trunks in Vintage Cigar Leather are each handmade and no two are alike. The reproduction trunks use vintage cigar leather over a solid wood frame and 3000 hand-hammered nailheads. Using trunks as coffee tables is a smart balance of storage and surface and has been very popular for years. Restoration Hardware's steamer trunks are available in two sizes that will be functional in many rooms.

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