Monday, April 13, 2009

Eco-friendly Wallpaper goes Mod

Many traditional wall coverings often use PVC, a harmful and toxic material (VOC)that has been known to off-gas into the air. Buying toxin-free textiles is an important health consideration that can’t be ignored, especially for homes with infants or people who suffer from respiratory illnesses. One company, Mod Green Pod was founded by Lisa and Nancy Mims as a means to offer safer and fashionable alternatives to conventional textile prints. Their products are not just graphically gorgeous, but completely green too. They are completely free of vinyl, and use water-based inks on 100% certified organic cotton-based fabric.

In addition to these wonderfully playful yet sophisticated wallpapers, Mod Green Pod offers organic, eco-friendly fabrics in coordinating patterns and colors.
Mod Green Fabrics
Who says being Green has to mean "earthy"?

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