Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hand-cast Glass Mosaics - Responsibly Manufactured

A private residence great room created by Sesshu Design Associates uses the Tessera tile in Black in combination with other custom mosaics on the face of the bar to create instant impact and 'WOW' in the primary living space.

A favorite material I use as decorative borders inside showers, at vanities and in kitchen backsplashes is glass mosaic tile. Glass is so versatile, ranging from sleek contemporary to earthy and organic - especially when mixed with other natural stones. One line I use often and appreciate for its sustainable and recycled manufacturing process, as well as their community values, is Oceanside Glasstile in Carlsbad, California.

All Oceanside Glasstile is made primarily from silica sand, an abundant natural resource. Many colors (depending on the "recipe") also contain recycled content that may include pre-consumer, post-industrial, and/or post-consumer recycled bottle glass from curbside recycling programs. Pre-consumer materials are generated during the manufacturing process and typically consist of scrap and trimmings that were never used in the consumer market.

Because of its handcrafted nature and broad range of colors in both translucent and iridescent finishes, Oceanside Glasstile is an exceptionally beautiful building material—an ideal choice for creating unique, comforting living spaces that are conducive to health and productivity, all of which is part of green building.

Glass tile is a very strong building material that is impervious to water and resistant to problems from freeze/thaw cycles. This durability further adds to its sustainability.

Oceanside Glasstile allows custom blends in both the Tessera and Geologie lines, using any combination of their vast selection of stock colors and sizes. The possibilities are limitless meaning your home can truly be unique! All Oceanside Glasstile materials are designed to work together in colors that are consistent across all product lines. You can easily combine liners, decos, and trim from one line with mosaics or field tile from another. The entire Oceanside Glasstile product family integrates to allow unlimited possibilities. Each line embraces the glass medium in a different way. The cost to create your own unique blend is quite reasonable, and delivery times are excellent - typically less than 3 weeks from order to delivery.

Respect for the environment and respect for their employees are principles essential to Oceanside's company philosophy. They provide on-going education, community outreach and other programs for their employees.

Oceanside Glasstile is available through your builder or designer at over 400 locations across the country.

Update: An installation at one of our projects here in Scottsdale, this bar face utilizes a combination of Oceanside Glass Tessera tiles and a custom mosaic from another source.

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