Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Perfect Harmony

A Montana home resonates with the surrounding land as much as it does with the owner’s heart

This beautiful sustainable home is in harmony with its surroundings due to some careful thought and planning by the homeowner and her designer. She liked the look and feel of NY lofts but also wanted something that fit in with the farms that dot the landscape around her home.

The result is that her place looks like it has been part of the landscape for ages. The designers’ challenge wasn’t limited to a farmhouse exterior look- the homeowner asked that the interior have the feeling of a New York City loft.
"The two ideas may have seemed totally incongruous to some, but these design pros quickly found common ground. “Some real creativity came out of thinking about how to marry the two concepts,” says [the designer]. “[The owner] wanted to use as many sustainable materials as possible, and I thought about the post-and-beam aspect of city lofts; I used to live in New York, so I had a pretty immediate reference to that. We thought if we could have the house come out of the idea of a barn structure, which is also typically post-and-beam, that [construction technique] could be our common departure point,” she explains. “While it would look like an outbuilding, it would only reference one, not replicate one.”

- for more see the article in Mountain Living Magazine, November/December 2008 issue

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