Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ASU's New Sustainable Building

What was old is new again at Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability, with the campus’ beautifully renovated former Nursing Building. The $6 million renovation included asbestos abatement and modernized the classrooms Their project turned a depressing, old and dark building into a new space filled with daylight. Its new inhabitants will be inspired as they work to improve the environment, the economy, and the social challenges we all face today.

One of the most exciting and visible sustainable additions to the building are the six wind turbines mounted on the roof. Each of the turbines is powered by thermal updrafts (to capture the hot air currents of the desert environment) which provides 1,000 watts of power directly into the APS electric grid. A 24-killowatt photovoltaic solar array is planned for next year. Other sustainable aspects include using recycled content throughout the building in the form of insulation, countertops, and furniture. The building is hoping to attain LEED Silver upon completion.

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